GOLES CON AMOR FOUNDATION  is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by FREDY MONTERO  and his wife ALEXIS AUGUSTA MONTERO; seeking to help people on the Colombian Atlantic coast, starting in the municipality of CAMPO DE LA CRUZ, where the footballer was born. The foundation offers programs and/or activities of public and social interest, aiming at the construction of values and principles in the youth.

In 2016, it was founded and stipulated in Barranquilla, Colombia with the main office in Campo de la Cruz. After all that Fredy and his wife fought for this project, we finally scored our first goal on December 4th of 2018 which also was the main event to officially launch the foundation to the media. Fredy wants to promote:


  • LOVE


On these pillars, we will achieve the final goal of the foundation which is to have our own facility to provide academic reinforcements and encouragement for children to develop good habits and routines, so their discipline will be strengthened. The project is expected to be one of the first in Colombia, helping to educate children.


Reinforce and promote education in the youth that lives on less favoured places giving them tools to develop their personal and social skills become an active part in the evolution of the community, nurturing emotionally with love towards themselves, their family and their surroundings, using sports as a tool to develop discipline and dedication.


Be a social, active and innovative foundation that responds proactively to the challenges that arise around education.  Build educational facilities to develop cutting-edge projects that help those who need it most; standing out for the dedication, capacity and altruism of its members, committed to respect the environment and development of the community and the country.

The glory is always for God

Fredy Montero • Founder


I am FREDY HENKYER MONTERO MUÑOZ, son of Fredy de Jesús Montero Oyola and Jaynne Salud Munoz Llinas. Happily married to Alexis Augusta Montero, father of two daughters who are my greatest blessings Vivienne and Ruby. Footballer by profession from 2005 to date, thanks to the talent that God gave me, I had the opportunity to work in different countries on 3 continents, such as; America, Asia and Europe.

Together with my wife, after living and integrating ourselves to different cultures, we made the decision to start the project of opening our own foundation and helping the community. After having the support of my family in Colombia for everything related to the opening process of the Foundation, it was finally created in 2016. One year later, January 8, 2017 where our lives changed, my wife and I in the Same day, we receive salvation through Jesus and Christian baptism, be forgiven to start a new life in Jesus Christ. The time came to look for ideas and try to find the opportunity, which by distance made it difficult for us to launch the GOLES CON AMOR; foundation. We bought a 700 square meter plot in the De la Cruz field, where the final objective will be the construction of the ecuative facilities for the integrated development of children.

Always grateful to God for blessing us, we have the Faith that it is time to return a little of all that, to help my community where I was born and grew up in De la Cruz field. Thanks to my wife for her unconditional support and without a doubt to all our relatives and volunteers, who already join and believe in this project and help us to make it a reality every day.

Teams where he has played:

  • Atletico Huila 2006
  • Deportivo cali 2007-2008
  • Seattle sounders (USA) 2009-2013
  • Millionaires 2013
  • Sporting Club of Portugal 2013-2016
  • TIANJIN TEDA (China) 2016
  • Vancouver Whitecaps (Canada) 2017
  • Spirting Club of Portugal 2018/li>


This population was founded in the times of the Colony. The accepted version is that it was founded by a Spanish family named Melgarejo on May 3, 1634. Over time, its inhabitants gave it the name of Puerto Real de la Santisima Cruz, which was then simply as Campo de la Cruz, at the beginning of this century.

There is a legend that in 1812 the Liberator Simón Bolívar arrived for the first time in Campo de la Cruz, before taking over the front of Barranca Nueva, and in front of the Plaza of the “Ermita” he gave an enlightened speech in which he asked the people of Campo de la Cruz for help to stop the anarchy that reigned in New Granada and turn the town into a free town. However, there is no documentation that ratifies such a story.

In Education, Campo de la Cruz counts with several institutions of primary and secondary basic education. Educational Institution Campo de La Cruz, Educational Institution Pánfilo Cantillo, Educational Institution of Bohórquez and La Inmaculada Technical Educational Institution. The municipality has an illiteracy rate of 17.8% in the population over 5 years of age.  citation needed  Currently the educational population is suffering from serious problems such as overcrowding, lack of rooms and poor provision of health services

Our Team

Professional footballer, husband, father and dog lover
LUIGGY MUÑOZLegal representative Colombia


Wife, mother and lover of photography
DANIEL VISBALCreative Director

Footballer who did not reach the professional :), image creator

Our Principles

Our work team and volunteers work on these principles that are the cornerstone for GCA of the best for our children


The greatest motivation of my family is God, who guides us at all times and helps us to be in the moments of happiness and difficulties, on January 1st, 2017 my wife and we were baptized and we were born again in the spirit.


Show the public in general to the acts that GCA develops and promote public awareness of their actions, results, financial resources invested and their origin.


Make a continuous effort to guarantee the independence of the entity, both in the issuance of opinions and in those aspects related to institutional relations and funding sources.


Work with an open spirit, always being attentive to the new needs and demands of society, positioning itself at the forefront of new socio-environmental challenges.


Promote the investment and proper use of the funds and resources available to the Foundation, seeking the best use of them and an adequate balance between the funds invested and the results obtained..


Desarrollar actuaciones y programas con la estructura organizativa necesaria para afrontar la complejidad de los temas abordados, dotándose de los medios, herramientas y profesionales idóneos en función de los objetivos que se pretenden conseguir.


GCA has a commitment to quality in all its actions, both internal and external, and of which it wants to involve all its members and collaborators.


GCA brings with it a very capable human talent, both the managers and the wonderful group of volunteers who accompany us, psychologists, engineers, artists, designers, communicators, lawyers, we are a multidisciplinary team at the service of the community.


The difference, however small, is a difference that will be great for the education and training of a child.